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About Tennyo-za

Shiho Yabuki Profile

Shiho Yabuki (songwriter, composer, instrumentalist, magician, and lion dancer)
Shiho produced music for NHK documentaries,
Her CD "SHIHO" is on market throughout U.S.A.
Her music was ranked 2nd (New Age Music section) in Canada. She is great on improvisation.
She produced CD,”1/f Yuragi”, for Kanebo Beauty Research Laboratory, and became a pioneerof healing music.
She is currently working on CD for Manner’s sound (Dr. Peter Guy Manners, England)
Awards received: Blue Lake Award by Shiga prefecture, Japan
Special Award of by Mie prefecture, Japan

For the past one year, she entered magician contests in Malaysia and South Korea.
Shiho were awarded Creativity Awardat JIMC magic competition &UMA magic contest in South Korea.
Shiho Yabuki Profile